Envelope-backed Cushion Tutorial

Want to make some very basic cushion covers like these ones I made for JW's pre-school?

1. First, you'll need to cut out 3 pieces of fabric per cushion. One square the same size as your cushion insert adding a 1 cm seam allowance. So for a 40cm x 40cm insert cut out a square of fabric with 42cm sides. And two rectangles measuring 42cm by 30cm.

2. Turn in and iron along one of the long sides of the rectangles.

3. Then turn in 2cm and iron again.

4. Stitch along this fold to make a neat edge for the back of your cushion.

5. Repeat these steps again with the second rectangle and then lay the 3 pieces of fabric out with the right sides together, making sure that the rectangles have a decent overlap. The blue fabric here will be on top of the orange one when the cushion is finished so if you are using 2 difference fabrics choose here which one you would like to be more visible.

6. Pin well, taking special care where the fabrics overlap.

7. Using a straight stitch sew around all 4 edges of the cushion cover.

8. I don't have an overlocker but want to add a little reinforcement to the edges of the fabric so that the covers will hold up to be regular washing so I do a zigzag stitch around all 4 sides as well.

9. Snip the corners, taking care not to knick any stitches.

10. Turn out your cover through, add your insert and...

11.  Pat yourself on the back.


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